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Newsletter July 2020

A Message From Che'Rae
The world "turns upside down" and something is not right. In fact, too many things are very wrong. We are learning that we have work to do and that our duty is greater than we ever comprehended. Art helps us be more empathetic and gives us agency to be an active contributor of change. The LA Writers Center is proud to be a diverse arts organization whose writers have developed BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ stories for almost two decades. But we can do better.

We think instead of speaking, it would be better to listen. Instead of making promises, it would be best to take action. With that in mind, LAWC is partnering with HowlRound (https://howlround.com/) to present “Breathe” an online play reading series designed to advance these stories. We are presenting one reading a month through the end of the year. "Strange Fruit Part I", written by Jon Bastian and directed by Martin Bedoian, will kick off the series on August 29th.

We hope you will attend, participate, and spread the word. We believe these stories need to be heard and we are now, more than ever, prepared to listen.

LAWC instructor Mark B. Perry has been producing a wide variety of TV series over the last 30 years including "The Wonder Years", "Ghost Whisperer" and "Revenge" LAWC members have been taking a "Writing A TV Pilot" class with Mark B. Perry. We interviewed Mark to see how it is going!



A tale of the 20th century, Strange Fruit is a non-chronological and kaleidoscopic interweaving of multiple interconnected stories including the tale of Billie Holiday and her signature song, the Jewish Communist school teacher from the Bronx who wrote it, the Red Scare witch-hunt victims whose children he saved, the lynching victims who inspired it, the young black writer who was inspired by it, and the young gay man whose d